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About Us

They say we can make miracles happen in moments. But we at Globe Forex & Travels Ltd do not like idle boasts. We believe in service, and top class quality, which is a must for us. That is the reason why we are so popular. What once started as a small venture in 1981 is now a worldwide procedure and thousands of customers have adored the way we have provided our services. This is merely because we know what we are doing, being in the business for over 39 years.

The company was established in 1981 as Globe Travels, and it has become one of the best Travel Management Companies in India.

Our company holds prime stocks in most international and domestic airlines of India, and that is why we know what the places to visit are and where you can be more secure and at the same time enjoy your time spent. You would be shocked how easy it is to work with us, and we provide nothing but the best in the business. Our plans are flexible, smart, and totally transparent and balanced, so that you get nothing but pleasure from the deal.

We believe that it is very important to have a satisfied customer in hand if we want to continue our business. Our reputation has been growing for the last quarter of a century, because we have provided service to the best of our abilities. We research, analyze and find out the best solution for any deal, and accordingly our work reflects that method and the clarity which is so necessary for any kind of successful plan. Our planning is immaculate and we provide the latest technologies to our clients so that they can enjoy the benefits to the full.

Managing Director's Message

Sometimes I wonder if what we began once was true or an extended dream. But then when I look back to our company and what we had begun in the year 1981, I realize that what once started as a dream of a few young people had now become a reality for over 200 men and women and countless travel professionals who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. And this is why Globe Forex & Travels Ltd is so successful now. We guarantee the best, and we deliver it too!

It was not in a day?s work. We worked, and we found the best in the market who could help us run our operations, tours, charters, cruises, conferences, contracts, marketing, the list is endless, and what we proudly say is that ask for it, and you shall get it. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the experience of their lifetime which guarantees their return to us over and over again.

This is only because we are the one-stop shop for any and every travel related service, and we believe that it is what drives us and gives us the edge. Our positivity, honesty and our integrity are the things that we consider to be our inherent assets and we take them very seriously, to make sure our clients get the best deals possible. We dedicate ourselves to the customers because we know they are spending their valuable assets, that is, time and money, on us, and we honor it in the best way possible, by giving them the latest and the best products in our vast itinerary.

Our Mission

What is our drive? How are we motivated? Well, the answer is simple. We want to reach every corner of the world, and encompass the globe in our network so that we can become the byword for accuracy, security and top class service provider that can be enjoyed by every customer we have. We intend to not let even a single customer go dissatisfied, and we intend to make your journey a wonderful and memorable one, so that travelling becomes the luxury it is supposed to be, minus all the hassles it once used to have. For us, it is primordial to make our customers happy one way or another, and we intend to give them value for money, so that there is a smile on every face when a deal is made.

Our Vision

We at Globe Forex & Travels Ltd intend to honor our customers by providing the best services possible while maintaining integrity, honesty and giving a clear deal which the customer would appreciate. Our vision is to create a set of professionals around the world who would be able to provide top class service to our clients and help them with their needs. No matter how big or small the project is, we intend to match the client?s requirement to the dot. We want to provide the best technological support to our customers so that they have the most wonderful experience they would not want to forget anytime soon.

Our Services

You would be dazzled to note the range of things we provide. Our services include:

  • Flying off anywhere - International and Domestic travel plans
  • Carrying your Cargo - You rest safe while we carry your stuff safe
  • Booking You in Any Hotel Around the Globe
  • Providing Car Rental Service - Go Anywhere you Want
  • Handle all the Seminars you can think of having
  • Taking you out for Exciting Sightseeing and Excursion tours
  • Best Cruises to get you Relaxed
  • Transportation to carry you Anywhere
  • Getting your Visa - easy to get you in and out of the country!
  • Checking and Making your Passport - Why queue?
  • Booking your Train Tickets - You really don't want to stand in a line!
  • Providing all Airport Facilitation Services
  • Overseas Mediclaim and accidental benefits for your Health
  • FIT & Group Leisure Packages around India and across the Globe
  • Round the clock services - We don't Sleep!
  • Foreigners Residence Registration Office (FRRO) Services
  • Customized MIS reports for you to track and check - Because clarity is best!
  • Maintain strong bonds with Customers through professionals
  • Implant Services
  • Australia Special Services - We love our Mates Down Under

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